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At Global Associates, we regard effective wealth management as an inclusive strategy that carefully integrates your investment return aspirations with our investment management proficiency.

Although contemporary markets can display all the hallmarks that frustrate the efforts of many traditional investment managers to earn the kind of returns they once took for granted, we at Global Associates continue to secure exceptional returns for our esteemed clients by placing our utmost faith in a carefully refined combination of those same traditional methods whilst supplementing them with the latest, pioneering investment techniques.

Global Associates draws upon the expertise of our highly consummate investment and analytical teams to build an investment portfolio unique to each client's individual needs. We are unrelenting in our efforts to ensure that our clients' faith and trust in our professionalism never go unrewarded.

As you browse through our website, you'll notice the regularity with which we use words and phrases like "clarity", "commitment", "integrity" and "personal service". These may be mere words to others but, to us they are the foundations upon which we build our practice!

Discretionary Investment Management

Despite the financial market upheaval of recent years or, perhaps, because of it, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of investors seeking out our expertise in discretionary investment management. In times of economic uncertainty, investors are just as keen to maintain or even increase returns whilst further minimizing risks but many of them lack the time, knowledge and market insight to manage their investments effectively.

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Advisory Investment Management

Global Associates' advisory investment management service is appropriate for private investors wishing to preserve control over the ultimate investment decision process. Typically, these individuals will have the time and/or a degree of financial market sophistication that makes the retention of such control feasible. We undertake to keep them informed of economic trends, current market conditions, movements in particular stocks, commodities and the latest research.

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About You

Global Associates' clients come from a variety of backgrounds and include wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and foundations.

    Our Mission

    Global Associates' mission is refreshingly simple: We aim to provide each and every client with the optimum investment solutions that are flexible enough ...

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Despite seemingly ubiquitous commentary to the contrary, free market capitalism continues to represent the best route to prosperity