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Our Services

Our work with clients is predicated on a straight-forward but often overlooked premise: in order to service our clients well, we must know them well. We begin by listening carefully to their hopes and ambitions for the future. We then try to gauge their tolerance for risk and to understand what it is they want to do with the legacy they want to build. As these objectives are identified, we work with our clients to create a tax-efficient investment allocation strategy tailored to those objectives. In sum, with the support of experienced professional associates, we aim to satisfy a client's asset growth objectives.

The Global Associates approach is the core of our wealth management practices. Our technique was devised to establish a sound process for gaining a deep understanding of each client's individual needs. Once we've clarified and documented your goals, our team is mobilized to identify the most comprehensive investment management strategies that will form the bedrock of the effort to achieve your objectives over the medium and long-term.

Discretionary Investment Management

Despite the financial market upheaval of recent years or, perhaps, because of it, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of investors seeking out our expertise in discretionary investment management. In times of economic uncertainty, investors are just as keen to maintain or even increase returns whilst further minimizing risks but many of them lack the time, knowledge and market insight to manage their investments effectively. Our flagship discretionary investment management service enables our clients to benefit from the opportunities presented within the financial markets without having to assume responsibility for the day-to-day decisions that such a task entails. By providing us with a form of "power of attorney", they can authorize us to conduct trades on their behalf provided we remain within the boundaries set down by a mutually agreed-upon investment policy. This means that we are able to act swiftly when opportunities become available without needing to refer back to the client for ultimate authorization.

Many of our clients have found this arrangement to be particularly rewarding as well as convenient and it is by far the most popular of the services we provide.

Advisory Investment Management

Global Associates' advisory investment management service is appropriate for private investors wishing to preserve control over the ultimate investment decision process. Typically, these individuals will have the time and/or a degree of financial market sophistication that makes the retention of such control feasible. We undertake to keep them informed of economic trends, current market conditions, movements in particular stocks, commodities and the latest research.

After helping them to define their investment objectives, we provide pertinent advice on all investment matters. As with our discretionary investment management service, all our recommendations are founded upon high-quality research and the knowledge and expertise of our dedicated Portfolio Managers.

As well as helping clients to set their investment objectives, we impart advice on markets and individual investments and, where appropriate, conduct trades on their behalf.

We believe commitment to client success and highly efficient administration underpins a profitable long-term relationship founded on trust and transparency. Both options benefit from the following:

The Global Associates Review
The initial and ongoing review of your personal financial situation and goals is a critical component in any successful investment program. The review seeks to integrate your investment aspirations with your tolerance to risk whilst ensuring that tax liabilities within your home jurisdiction are minimized.

The Global Associates Formula
The process of building and managing your portfolio begins with proper asset allocation. Our aim is to identify a mix of financial assets best suited to your return expectations whilst respecting the individual risk profile agreed with you at the review stage.

Global Associates Security Selection
Once your asset allocation is determined, we employ a tried-and-tested methodology in selecting products that reflect the best chance of achieving your goals. And, as a privately-held firm, Global Associates' independence enables us to be objective in managing your investments without the conflicts of interest or restrictions involved in using proprietary products.

Global Associates Performance Monitoring
In line with service level agreements reached with you during our initial discussions, we continually monitor your accounts and the financial markets to isolate opportunities to mitigate risk, generate income and maximize returns. As a Global Associates client, you can expect regular updates from your wealth counselor regarding your individual holdings, while he or she monitors the performance of your investments in relation to your own personal financial goals.

Institutional Investors
Global Associates are committed to providing our institutional clients with direct access to proprietary research coupled with independent research. We look to engage in ongoing dialogue with a wide range of industry and corporate affiliates to differentiate our sources of information. We identify alternative investment opportunities that may be mispriced or misunderstood by the broader investor community.

We also specialize in creating detailed alternative scenario analysis, which allows us to highlight potential investment opportunities. We then present the investment cases to our institutional clients in a clear and concise fashion, so they can make an informed decision on the matter.

Institutional Sales Trading
Our sales and trading capabilities enable us to provide our institutional clients with exceptional execution and insight into market dynamics.

Our institutional sales process is closely aligned with our retail trading strategies, as we seek to provide our clients with actionable ideas and in depth coverage of the companies' research as well as the equity markets in general. Those ideas and perspectives are tailored to the needs of institutional investors, with distribution exclusive to that market segment.

This value-added process combined with high-quality execution is one of the main reasons why we are considered one of the preeminent institutional brokerages in Asia. Our trading professionals are in regular contact with market makers and trading desks, thus facilitating efficient, anonymous liquidity, with all efforts focused on executing client trades at the most favorable prices possible.

Risk Management

Risk Management is among the most important elements in our approach to preserving capital and enhancing returns.
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Global Associates delivers insightful and comprehensive research aimed at improving visibility and increasing investor understanding of all companies
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Our Markets

Despite seemingly ubiquitous commentary to the contrary, free market capitalism continues to represent the best route to prosperity
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Global Associates' clients come from a variety of backgrounds and include wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and foundations.

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    Global Associates' mission is refreshingly simple: We aim to provide each and every client with the optimum investment solutions that are flexible enough ...

Our Markets

Despite seemingly ubiquitous commentary to the contrary, free market capitalism continues to represent the best route to prosperity